Last updated May 14, 2019

The BIMe Dictionary 

The BIM Dictionary provides a reliable resource for establishing a common understanding of frequently used terms across the Design, Construction and Operation (DCO) sectors. The BIM Dictionary connects hundreds of terms to their vetted descriptions and translations, and act as a peer-reviewed reference to online guides and tools.

As an ongoing project with more than 70 worldwide volunteers, the BIM Dictionary has the following objectives:

  1. Provide an accessible, easy-to-use glossary of terms needed to discuss and promote digital innovation;
  2. Provide a research-driven description of these terms according to clear selection, inclusion, and rejection rules;
  3. Provide translations into many world languages to encourage – using common terms and descriptions - collaboration across markets;
  4. Provide reliable reference material through peer-sourcing (as opposed to crowd-sourcing adopted by Wikipedia or similar) and peer-review;
  5. Provide a resource for developing higher-level Knowledge Blocks (e.g. Competency Items) that require an interconnected set of Dictionary Items;
  6. Provide an online resource for websites, blogs, digital tools and documents.

The BIMe Initiative

The BIM Dictionary project is part of the not-for-profit BIMe Initiative.  For more information, please visit: https://BIMexcellence.org/.

The BIM Dictionary Team

The BIM Dictionary is developed and maintained by ChangeAgents AEC p/l (CA) and is based on the published research of Dr. Bilal Succar. The development of the online tool is lead by Sean Dodsworth who contributed his time and expertise towards this effort. 

The BIM Dictionary includes hundreds of items translated into an increasing number of world languages. The translation process is key part of this project and is delivered through an international Editorial Team composed of the following Editors:

  • Head Editor + English Language Editor: Dr. Bilal Succar of ChangeAgents AEC, Australia
  • Assistant Editor + Italian Language Editor: Dr. Marzia Bolpagni, BIM Advisor at Mace, UK

Translated items and editorial help is provided through the generous contributions of Language Editors - in order of availability:

Note 1: Star identifies the team(s) that have completed a full translation (more than %95) of currently available terms.

Note 2: All acknowledgements and a more complete list of the BIM Dictionary Editorial Team is provided here: https://bimexcellence.org/projects/bim-dictionary/.

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