BIM Stage

A set of well-defined milestones which clarify and subdivide the overall BIM Implementation process - from pre-BIM to Virtually Integrated Design Construction and Operation (viDCO). There are three BIM Stages: Object-based Modelling (BIM Stage 1), Model-based Collaboration (BIM Stage 2) and Network-based Integration (BIM Stage 3)

The below video explains these BIM Stages in more detailed:

Video Source: BIM Framework's YouTube channel.

The three BIM Capability Stages are useful in identifying the minimum abilities of organisations and project teams but are not that useful in analysing or comparing how well they model, collaborate or integrate their deliverables. For that, BIM Maturity Levels are needed (learn more).

Similar termsBIM Capability Stage,  Capability Stage
Author: Bilal Succar
Concepts: Measurement Conception Milestone
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