COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange) is a specification for the capture and delivery of design/ construction information to Facility Managers. COBie Specifications can be collated using a spreadsheet template or a COBie-enabled software solution...Also refer to BS 1192-4

Extended Description

The Construction Operation Building information exchange (COBie) format is one of several “information exchange” standards that comprise the United States National BIM Standard. COBie is an IFC Model View Definition that defines the minimum set of information for building maintenance and operations.

An important factor in world-wide COBie adoption has been the ability to present COBie data in formats other than STEP Physical File Format (STEP). Today, COBie data in spreadsheet format is commonly used. Mappings between STEP and spreadsheet are defined by standard - ensuring interoperability. A transactional XML schema for COBie is also available.

First introduced in 2007*, COBie is now implemented in over 30 software products through a series of public “COBie Challenge” events. These events applied standard building data sets to test the production and/or consumption of COBie data from programming to maintenance. COBie testing is accomplished using the free, open-source COBie Plug-in for bimServer.org (for STEP files) and the COBieQCReporter (for spreadsheet files).

COBie includes rules for 'regionalization' as part of the specification. One such regional use is COBie-UK as defined in BS 1192-4.

Beyond the commonly required “data drops” required today, the life-cycle model** for COBie information exchange predicts*** significant business process benefits to all project stakeholders.

For more information, please watch the below video (4:58):

Reference Documents

* East, E.William (2007). Construction Operations Building Information Exchange: Requirements Definition and Pilot Implementation Standard, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, ERDC/CERL TR-07-03. (Download PDF 1.2MB)

** East, E. William, Danielle Love, and Nicholas Nisbet. A life-cycle model for contracted information exchange. Virginia Tech, Department of Building Construction, 2010 (Download PDF 234KB)

*** Fallon, K., Fadojutimi, O., Williams, G., Crawford, N., & Gran, D. (2013).Assessment of Life Cycle Information Exchanges (LCie): Understanding the Value-Added Benefit of a COBie Process. Kristine Fallon Associates Inc., Chicago, IL (Download PDF 8.5MB).

This Extended Description was kindly provided by Dr. Bill East, Director of The COBie Academy on July 28, 2016.

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