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The BIM Dictionary is a foundational part of the not-for-profit BIM Excellence Initiative. All BIM Dictionary terms and descriptions are freely available for commercial and non-commercial use by industry practitioners and researchers under an open Creative Commons license (refer to BIMe Type X License).

The BIM Dictionary has a strict No Advertisements Policy. To help us expand the dictionary and introduce the many additional features discussed on the Support Us page, we are currently inviting a small number of companies, association and academic institutions to become official BIM Dictionary Sponsors.

BIM Dictionary Sponsors will receive a number of benefits – including:

  • Sponsors' logo will be displayed prominently on the BIM Dictionary home page and BIMe Sponsors page (to be added)
  • Sponsors will receive anonymised information about BIM Dictionary usage
  • Enterprise Sponsors may host a version of the BIM Dictionary within their corporate/institutional firewall
  • Sponsors are provided access – through the Application Program Interface (API) - to individual terms and their descriptions
  • Other benefits to be announced

If your company, association or academic institution is interested in becoming an official BIM Dictionary Sponsor, and would like to receive more information about Sponsorship Levels and other important details, please send us a note through the Contact Us page; thank You.

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Current Sponsors

University of Newcastle, Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment , Australia (since July, 2016)